From Our Experience

What would You Do?

In 2011, our partner won two cases in the court of general jurisdiction between the same parties: for annulment of the annuity contract and the termination of the annuity contract.
Our partner, represented the defendant, who at that time was more than 10 years the rent payer to elderly person under the contract of rent.
In these cases was not so interesting fact revealed by the defendant the plaintiff fake medical documents, as an answer to the question "What to do with court costs?"

Unusial Task

In January 2010, our partner was confronted with an unusual problem. There was started liquidation process of a commercial organization, being the owner,  of the land in Moscow and the building placed on it.
According to the results of the elimination the land and buildings, as a single object,  in the order of distribution of the discardable Company's property, should has been become property of the one of the Company's member.
We achieved this goal, but in the process of its implementation we learned that with this case for the first time encountered not only we, but also the department of land titling of the Rosreestr Office in Moscow.

Special Achievement

In February 2006, our partners in the interests of LLC "Eksimdzh" first time in history has made satisfaction of the claim to the Moscow Government to compel the conclusion of the contract of sale of land in Moscow. The confrontation with the Moscow government lasted for about a year and for the first time in history ended with the victory of the plaintiff to exercise their right to privatize the land in accordance with Art. 36 of the Land Code, using compulsion to an agreement.