From Our Experience

Unusial Task

In January 2010, our partner was confronted with an unusual problem. There was started liquidation process of a commercial organization, being the owner, of the land in Moscow and the building placed on it.
According to the results of the elimination the land and buildings, as a single object, in the order of distribution of the discardable Company's property, should has been become property of the one of the Company's member.
We achieved this goal, but in the process of its implementation we learned that with this case for the first time encountered not only we, but also the department of land titling of the Rosreestr Office in Moscow (due to the fact that the land and building on it has been transfering as a single object, the building ownership transfer was also recorded by the same Section of the Russian Register of Moscow).
As Helping self and to the state registrar, we made a request to the Office of the Russian Register in Moscow, for clarification of the order of state registration of the transfer of ownership of the land and the building in order of elimination of the business association. Response to the request has been forwarded to the state registrar, and helped to clarify of the state registration procedure and gave the confidence to the state registrar.
Also Remarkable the practical application of the response of the Rosreestr Office in Moscow was that as a result within a undefined and sufficiently long period of time, the land and the building formally had not the owner, because Company has already been eliminated, and the Copany's member has not been it's owner yet.
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