Russian Law

Investment Projects Acquisition schemes development, implementation, sale of investment projects. Development and adjustment of agreements for investment projects.
Land Comprehensive support of transactions on acquisition / transfer of land, rental rights and encumbrance of rights to land plots. Assistance in state and municipal land privatization and lease.
Real Estate Support of transactions for the acquisition / disposal of real estate, renting and other encumbrance of rights. Disputes about unauthorized construction. Representation before state authorities on the purchase of rights to state and municipal property.
Litigation Representation in Russian state commercial (arbitrazh) courts and in courts of general jurisdiction in different categories of cases.
Corporate Law Creating an effective corporate structure for company groups in order to minimize risks and maximize liquidity.
Tax and Accounting Practice Tax planning and tax risk management. Assistance in accounting and taxation.
Intellectual Property Representation in Rospatent on issues related to development, testing and registration of trademarks. Development of trademark sale contracts and licensing agreements.
COMMUNICATION WITH THE COMPETITION AUTHORITIES Receiving regulatory approvals from the competition authorities on transactions and activities.

Foreign and International Law

International Commercial Arbitration Representing clients in international arbitration proceedings administered by SCC, ICC, ICSID, LCIA and other arbitral institutions.
Litigation in foreign jurisdictions and in Russia with applicable Foreign Law Representing clients in cross-border litigation proceedings including proceedings in Russian state courts of all instances in disputes with applicable foreign law.
Establishment and Maintenance of Non-resident Companies Registration and legal support of companies - residents of major offshore jurisdictions, European countries and the United States.
Optimization of non-resident Company's Taxation Tax optimization of companies domiciled in major offshore and European jurisdictions.
Tax optimization of transactions involving companies domiciled in major offshore and European jurisdictions.
Advising on transactions involving foreign companies Advising on transactions involving foreign companies domiciled in major offshore and European jurisdictions. Advising on transactions governed by foreign law and involving public international law issues.
Advising on choice of law, conflict of laws and legal advice under foreign law Advising on conflict-of-laws issues, on choice of law governing cross-border transactions, on dispute resolution clauses and legal advice under foreign law.
International Intellectual Property Advising on intellectual property protection in foreign jurisdictions. Registration of trademarks and patents in foreign countries.