Russian Law

Real Estate

Support of transactions for the acquisition / disposal of real estate, renting and other encumbrance of rights. 
Legal opinions on real estate issues. 
Disputes about unauthorized construction. 
Representation before state authorities on the purchase of rights to state and municipal property. 
Representation in Rosreestr (Russian state registration authority). State registration of changes in reconstruction and redevelopment. 
Development contracts and additional agreements to them relating to the management and operation of real estate assets. 
Preparing memoranda, legal opinions on the management and operation of apartment complexes and business centers, shopping and entertainment centers.
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If you make a deal with a party whose honesty is obvious to you, then you does not require a lawyer. In that case enough to apply to a mediator, assisting the state registration of the transaction and / or the rights transfer.
In case of integrity is not obvious, then all should be secondary, except the deal itself, its design and the potential risks it bear (the object' status and the ground beneath it, what are the related legal relations with third parties, what are the consequences of the acquisition of the object) .
It happened in practice, that when making a real estate transaction the seller's rights are better protected then the buyer's rights.
We accompany the transaction from beginning to end. From negotiations between the parties at least to state registration of the rights transfer. At least because the purchase of real estate can lead to conclude a lease of land or making changes, not to mention a host of other instruments: power, water, health, provision of utilities, etc.